Banoffee Pie

Hello everyone, welcome to my page☺. So it’s Saturday and who doesn’t want a soulful dessert to add that little bit extra to it.

The craving of having something that satisfies your taste buds and is easy to cook is what everyone loves. Yeah, yeah I know you can dial a number and get that yummy dessert delivered to you in 30 minutes but wait, before you dial that number, listen to me and if you like it then drop that phone and find the inner chef in you :D.

So, I present to you, an extremely yummy and delicious recipe of Banoffee Pie, which I learned back in my graduation!! You have to trust me on this!!! It’s great and very easy to cook dessert.

So, let’s get started: ❤ ❤


  • Digestive Biscuits – 1 packet

  • Amul Butter – 100gm

  • Amul Fresh Cream – 100gm

  • Almonds – 100 gm

  • Banana – 2-4 piece

  • Snickers – 2

  • Fivestar – 1

  • Serves 4-5 people


  1. Crumble digestive biscuits and almonds using your hand or grinder. Mix them nicely and make sure that the crumble is really fine.

  2. On the other side, put a pan on low flame and melt the whole packet of butter in it. After the butter is melted, mix the crumble in it and empty the pan in a plate. Give it a round shape.

  3. Now put Amul cream, Snickers and Five Star in the pan, let it melt and mix, in low flame, until it’s all creamy and gooey. Once it has got good texture turn off the flame.

  4. Slice the bananas into thin round shapes.

  5. Take the plate having to crumble (from step 2) put a layer of thick chocolate cream (prepared in step 3) over the round shaped crumbled biscuits and almonds. Top it with bananas and add another layer of chocolate cream prepared, to it.

  6. Put the pie in the fridge for one hour.

  7. Next, dig in your spoon and savor your sweet tooth.

This whole process will take you around 1 hour 15 minutes only (includes freezing).

I have attached some sample pictures to make sure that your pie looks the same.☺

So, I suggest you all try this easy banoffee pie at home and let me know how it turned out.

Picture Courtesy – Me :p

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Thank-you All. Love. Stay Healthy and Happy.


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