Monday mornings is something that keeps us all going, moving, working, feeling motivated and sometime Ahh grumpy. But what if there is no Monday?? :O

Well, our life is nothing without Monday.

Monday for me stands as a new hunt of our own selves, to find a new you, your inner personality and your wants, something that keeps you walking all day and dreaming all night.

Search for that you in you, your personality that’s somewhere inside you is throbbing to come out. So that next time you don’t have to drag yourself out of that bed, next time you don’t have to set a series of an alarm clock to wake up.

I know you must be thinking, that it’s easier said than done!!

Then I would say, that, I do that search every day. There are things I can do without a sigh till 3 in the night and can get up at 4 in the morning, things not everyone can do, things that sometimes my closest don’t like, but I do it because it makes me feel content. I get a state of satisfaction where I don’t need any rewards in return.

While doing this search, I discovered two different me. One who doesn’t care, an unkempt, messy, sloppy and windblown me. The other is a pleasant, adorable, feminine and sheek me. So, today, I have created two different looks accordingly!!

These two looks are poles apart and I hope you connect with them.

The first look is a modern Goth, grunge look, where I have worn a simple black Patiala with a basic white shirt and black bluchers shoes. To justify this look, I accessorized it with a huge traditional neckpiece, a nose pin, statement ring and a boho bag.  Dark eyes, plum black lips and crimped hair added to my wind. I put a Bindi to finally complete this look. This look is not tough to pull off if you relate to it. This is more of a rock band look. Black lips are powerful and they enhance your personality, after all, it’s just another color.




The second look is all feminine, delicate and tender. Here, I am wearing a Coral pink and off white striped shirt dress, white shoes and broad frame spectacles. I added a fuchsia pink lipstick and did man bun to complete this look. This look is very casual and effortless. It’s easy to carry and relatable.


Street Style looks are something I can relate to. Dressing up is a very powerful tool you can use to be more confident in your own skin. It’s all about the desires that you have, something that will drive you and serve you.

If you like what you saw and want to grab your hands on them then here are the details of what I wore:

Look 1:

  • Shirt – Pepe Jeans
  • Patiala – Aurelia
  • Shoes – Zara
  • Bag and Jewelry – Flea Markets

Look 2:

  • Dress – AND Shirt Dress
  • Shoes – Zara
  • Spectacles – RayBan

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P.S. If you are a little disappointed with my picture quality then bear with me, please!!

Thanks, all of you for visiting my page!! Stay Tuned!! A lot more to come!!

Give me your love and affection!! Have a good day!!

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6 thoughts on “STOP. LOOK. THINK. START.

  1. It’s really amazing …..I mean u have justified with ur two looks that how a woman always have both these sides ….she may be gentle , delicate and at the same time the rebellious one who doesn’t care about the so called society and their definition for women .

    Liked by 2 people

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