​11 Normal and Weird Things That Happen with us and Is Normal

There are certain things in life, that happens and get on our nerves. Fortunately, we all can Laugh it off and have peace of lifetime. The route of happiness lies in the things we can do but don’t.

1. Failed Relationships

Trust me it’s okay to have one! You get to learn a lot 🙂 I know dealing with it is really tough, but ahh..cmon! we all know, that down the line we will get over it, and move on. There is no need to cry, no need to hide behind, no need to blame yourself or others. Just let it go! Life has a lot more for us!! So, stop thinking about it and MOVE ON!!

2. Bad with dates

Do you often forget birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates(may be Independence day 😛 )? Ah! Gosh! and we know what happens after that……. Don’t worry 😛 I forget it too! Yeah, it’s normal guys!! but we tend to eat up the lives of our people after this. Common guys, Let’s all of us be mature enough to not make an issue out of it( I know not all will agree ).

3. Mood swings

Highs and lows that we feel. One day we are on the top of the world and the other day we feel so low that dustbin bags look more useful than us. 😀 LOL But it’s okay! Everyone has it, and you don’t have to feel bad about it. If your friend has it, try to understand them, instead of saying ” why are you PMSing ” UGH!!

4. Daily Embarrassments

This includes alot of small small things, like: maybe a hair in your cooked food or that fart in public. Oops, Moment. Been there, done that, faced it and then laughed it off. Two reasons, first what’s done is done and second, it’s fine guys, happens! My hair doesn’t listen to me, they keep flying here and there and my body..ugh..you won’t believe but sometimes it behaves as if it’s not mine..and it plans a revenge on me. LOL 😀

5. That nothing to wear cry we all face

Forget a date or a Party, how much we shop is not proportional to what all we can wear daily. It’s true..events come later, daily outfits are a huge struggle. A brainstorming period indeed. Hence, we end up doing some more shopping. No wonder shopping business is always on the boom. No wonder how many clothes i have in my wardrobe, i always feel i have nothing to wear 😀

6. Small fights with parents

We grow up, get our own perspective about life, travel, gain experiences!! This is all cool! but, then we start seeing things, analyzing them, understanding them, in not so similar way as our parents. ResultFight/Arguments. We want to do something that isn’t in their dictionary, what we all end up doing is, a fight or an argument. In my case, my hello sounds, fight to my mum,  because we argue on a daily basis, small or big issues, maybe no issue, but we do. Now we have a habit. If we don’t fight, we are not normal. 😀 This happens because we both see things differently, and you know what? it’s okay! because i learn from her and she from me!! We both try to understand each other, and that’s life my friend! 🙂

7. Food cravings but NO Calories PLS

We want to eat Pizza, Pasta, Butter Masala and don’t want those calories and fat which comes with it, to hit us. We go to the gym, do yoga, Zumba and what not, result – money spent well. Then we are crossing the street, looking here and there, and our eyes stop, brain screams – “that’s our fav food joint” and heart melts, taste buds wake up and.. voila..we end up eating all that junk and then cry over it. Normal guys, you are normal. Congo!

8. I should have Super Powers

Having Super Power is a thought that must have crossed everyone’s mind. Because if we have one, we can sit right there and get all that we want. I have some friends who will relate to this so much. Everything is not a pizza delivery, that you dial a number sitting on your couch and it arrives. Chuck pizza, we don’t even feel like getting up for a remote, it is then, I want that shakalaka boom boom  pencil (90’s kid). But then I sink again, because dude, who will draw everything man. Chuck It. 😀 Lazy bum you see!

9. Wanderlust

Let’s run from this place and live somewhere in peace. Imtiaz Ali said it right – ” Khud hi bheed ka hissa Hai and khud se hi taklif.” We, humans, are such a creature, we want to party and then we want a saint life. We earn money and then travel to jungles and mountains. What I feel is let’s all move together to some jungle and live a Mowgli Life Would be fun for a time period!!

10. Restaurant Faux Pas

Well, there are some great stories for that. I have received so many looks for so many things. Broke a Plate. Looks. Got Judged. Talking Loudly. Bad Looks. Got Judged Badly. Not understanding something in the menu, still ordered it, couldn’t eat. Left it. Asked to Pack it. Received a Look, worth a million. Got Judged real bad. But what I feel is, it’s okay to be your real self, if you allow yourself to be.

11. Becoming bored and monotonous

Eventually, we all become one robot who does all the daily chores and then sleep. We do the same stuff daily and adapt ourselves to that lifestyle. Then we start living like that. We are scared of any change and hence, a monotonous life is created. Let’s not do that, let’s start doing small things, that you don’t do usually..be it an adventure, yoga anything and.. let’s all live together and happily!

Okay! So you made it to the last? Thank you for reading. I could only get these points in my mind, but let me know below in the comment section if you have some more, would love to read it. Guys Stay Weird and Normal. Love you all!

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Have a Happy Sunday! Take Care.


2 thoughts on “​11 Normal and Weird Things That Happen with us and Is Normal

  1. I can relate to each heading you wrote except that no calories one. 😀 and some memories of embarrassing moments just flashed while reading .. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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