Monday Blues!

Good Morning All of You.

I know it is Monday and I need to say more? 😦

It is dreary, gruesome and evil. Monday asks us to get out of our bed and go to work.

Every Monday your social media is flushed with Monday memes and motivation quotes. Today, I received these two on my WhatsApp. 😀

Monday is demanding. It wants us to come out of our pyjamas and get dressed. Huh, a harsh beginning of the week. :/

Thought of going to work, College or anywhere is like – “Go on, get on a frizzy and take a trek up to 10,000 ft of Mountain.” 😮

Moreover, no one is in that mood.

So what do we do? Obviously, we have to go out! Going out is good.

However, ditching those comfy pyjamas are not. So why not slip into your casual pants and a tee?

Dressing up will energise you. Wear something effortless, a dress that makes you feel like Sunday is here with us😍.

Keep it light and straightforward. Your clothes speak a lot about your feels.

This Monday, switch to the casual look. Stay effortless!

If you are not waxed (no need to get waxed), pull on a shrug and voila.. you are ready to go.


Lazy enough to do any hairstyle? Don’t have to do any..tie up your hair and just leave in your chappals.


Listen to some peppy-zippy songs.

On your way do not forget to catch some water and tea/coffee for yourself. Stay hydrated full day. It will help your mind wake up and give productive outputs.


Girls, do dash a pop of lipstick, it is just to make you and others feel that you are awake and not sleepy😂

Monday is not that bad though, while you head out to win the world, you have much work to do. Most importantly – What to wear tomorrow? 

Well for that stay updated to my blog.. Will see you soon. GoodBye!

Coming Up next is – Tuesday Hues!

Images by  Abhishek Gupta [@imagesutra]

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