Tuesday Hues!!

Tuesday: Knock. Knock.

Me: Who’s this?

Tuesday: Hi..it’s me. Tuesday!

Me: Oh.. so?

Tuesday: I am here, aren’t you happy?

Me: No. I am not. Why should I be happy?

Tuesday: Because I will take you a step closer to weekends. So maybe you should be. :/

Me: Okay. Fine..Come in, come in fast and go back in a jiffy!

This conversation would take place only if days could talk.

A very bright and sunny day is here and hello and good morning to all of you!

So hey. How you doin? :p (Hint Hint)

You have already battled one day, and now you have learned in your ways to battle this day out. Tuesday is a neutral day. It is not cruel because obviously, it is not Monday.

Two reasons to love today:

1. I am not Monday.

2. I will pass quick and cheap (there are outlets offering thrift Tuesday offers).

Tuesday is more of a productive day(It is scientifically proven). You are in the zone to work things out and to be at the top of your game. Dressing up accordingly, however, adds a little extra to your confidence.

So what do we wear? Something that is trendy (and comfortable, yeah obviously). After all, we are not yet ready to ditch the pajama mode, completely.

Culottes are one helluva comfy thing I have ever worn. They are easy to wear, carry, and in trend. You can wear them to your office, college or a casual day out. They are perfect!

Stay free spirited and jump on the road once a while 😀 (It is fun to see all that awkward faces).

Let your hair open and slip on your sneakers like a boss.

Adding a tang to this very simple outfit is what all up to you.. how you want to end up with your face looking like. I prefer not so baked face.

Still not loving Tuesday? Okay I have one another great news:

“Joey was born on Tuesday :D.” [FRIENDS Fan Alert]

Happy now? You better be!

If this guy doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will. 🙂

Coming up tomorrow: Wednesday Love!!

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Images by Abhishek Gupta (@imagessutra)

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Link to yesterday post is below.


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