Wednesday Love!!


Two Days Down and Two Days Left.. Oh Yeah!! Two Days Down and Two Days Left!! [Don’t just read it, try to sing it, to get the real feel.]

Beep..Beep..Beep..It is a 7’O clock in the Morning, Time to wake up.. Beep..Beep..

Bam!!! [Alarm Clock Currently – Broken :p]

Oh Lord, shut up! Let me sleep. After All, it is Wednesday! My brain was playing today’s anthem. It was such a disco feeling.. but this alarm :/

Everything is at one place, my relationship with my alarm is at another. We share a love-hate kinda relationship! Every morning I am pissed at it, but then I am grateful to it for saving my ass every day.

Okay So Wednesday’s are love, They are Goooooooddd!


Seriously, You still asking Why?

Okay. I will tell you; It is so because – Two Days Down and Two Days Left… Oh Yeah!! [Sing It Again]

So it is Wednesday, also known as the hump day. I recommend you to listen “My Hump – Black Eyed Peas” – This song will give you an insight on you why ‘The Hump Day’ :p [There’s a reason after all]

Today, I have a story for you guys!

Back when I was a monkey, oh I mean kid, I faced some serious issues with this day. Let’s see how many of you can relate to this story.

So I was in school when I learned it, I called ‘Wednesday’ – ‘WED-NES-DAY’. I was unaware of the fact that I am pronouncing it wrong. Years passed by, I was happy and cheerful, pronouncing it the same – ‘WED-NES-DAY.’

Then one fine day, I was told, sorry not told, I was laughed off, that I am pronouncing it this way. That god-cum-friend then corrected me and said it is called ‘Wens-day’ [speak shopistically]. We write it the other way and call it the other, the ‘D’ is however silent.

It took me some time to get rid of that ‘D’. It was tough that ‘D’ got me stuck for a very long time, then after much reasoning and understanding, I finally got the point. [Don’t kill me if you did not like the connection. You should not kill me because I am cute 🙂 ]

Yes, so getting back to that point is that ‘D’ for me is a ‘Desi D’. I was so desi that I took every ‘D’ seriously, from Wednesday to Handkerchief.

[If you choked out of breath with this reasoning, go ahead kill me.] :/

[A desi heroine does not fear death.] 😀


So I call ‘Wednesday’, ‘A Desi Day.’ If you are Desi like me, then dress like a Desi, every Wednesday!


What is better than a ‘Desi Dress’? Nothing! They are elegant, pleasant and cozy. Trendy and Loose-Fitting.


Adding up to this Desi-pan is my KolhaPuri Chappals, a Beautiful Jhumka, and Classic-Red Lips.


That green leather bag is something I am crushing over nowadays.


So, Every Wednesday – Go Desi! Stay bright and simple, comfy and trendy! Nothing ever goes wrong from a kurta (guys you too) to a saree (it’s not tough)! They are Perfect!

Looking for more??

Get to work honey; your CCTV is watching, come again another day, I mean tomorrow!

Happens Next on my Blog  –  _____ Thursday! (I prefer you should do some guess work)

Keep guessing until tomorrow! 

By the way Good Morning All of You!!

Images by Abhishek Gupta [@imagesutra]

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