Magical Thursdays!!

Good Morning Dear Humans [Yes you are one, did you forget?]

I am back with a small piece of conversation 😀

Ever googled ‘Thursday’ over the internet. In case you did not let me tell you that you won’t find anything different than your knowledge. They all sing the same song of Friday coming, brewing up excitement, and blah blah..but let’s keep that aside for today.

There is something that one must know, why Thursday’s are called Thursday? Ever wondered? [WE don’t have time, dude.]

Well, I have, So I did and what I found is Naicee…. ❤

Today is the day of our favorite Greek God – The Hammer-Wielding Norse god of thunder, Thor. [Did you just now pictured Chris Hemsworth?? That Man is Love]


Thank me later for making you all see this Hottie, this morning!

STOP! We are not talking about Avengers, Thursday is Thor’S Day in Old English.

It is a day full of magic and powers. So why not feel some magic?

Look around, our life is full of little magical happiness, which we are unaware of.

So all of us are busy in our lives in our own cute ways. Do one thing.

Stop, Take a deep breath, look around and learn the long lost art of Appreciation. Witness the coziness and lightheaded feel at least once a day in a week.

Let’s search magic in every little moment! [Like I am searching in my handbag below, A Magic, just my wallet :D]


I have recollected some small moments from my daily life and here are they:

Walk in the heat and a sip of H2O. ❤

A fresh, lush breeze, brushing your face and hair like a bird’s nest. :/

Eating ‘ghar ka khana’ after a long time.

Peeing after controlling for hours. :p

Running super late to see you are not late. 😀

There are so many, I can tell, but I have done my job, now it’s time for you to recollect the magic.

These moments pass by in a flash, but when you live every moment, they act no less than a powerful meditation.

And to best feel such pleasant things in such a powerfully magical day, one should stay as comfortable as possible [Fancy dresses are good, but comfy dress up will make you forget that you are wearing something :p]


I chose this super comfy blue dress (ooh, I love that yellow border, so Thursday it is) and my lovely, being on the trend for so long now, my white sneakers [If this shoe disowns me today for wearing it 1000th time, I won’t complain].


In the above picture, you can see me talking to my shoes, I do that. [I got some nutty skills.]

So today, after office while I head to a Park nearby for some great meditation, I suggest you do so.


Do let me know your small moments in the comments section below.

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Images by Abhishek Gupta (@imagesutra)

Contributed by a lazy and super productive friend Nistha Singh.

Coming up Next is: Freaky Friday [This name is under subject to change]

See you all tomorrow!

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