While fashion is growing like a giant tree, it’s Activewear that came in like a whiff of spring air and has now maintained a strong foothold in our wardrobes.

If I am asked to survive with just one set of clothing all my life, this is what I would say – “ A hoodie, tank top, trousers and sports shoes.”

Gone are the days when what you wear while working out was not important at all. Activewear is not a fad, it’s here to stay and has become the most high-end fashion and comfort statement style. These clothes help you get in the mood, you wear it, and you start feeling pepped up and energetic. I am not kidding; I would say notice your behavior next time you wear them. 🙂

All of us love these clothes. WHY?? COMFORTABLE is the word. 

Activewear is having a ‘Celebrity Moment’ in Fashion World. It’s being tested, experimented, designed and curated by all of us. From a black suit to mesh tights to lace details and colorful strokes, activewear has taken comfort with fashion a notch higher. They are not just limited to your workout sessions anymore; you can now wear them all day and every day. Yeah, you heard that right.

As every street style brand collaborates with the sports brand to create fashion, Activewear is the first word that should come to your mind in your fashion glossary.

I love wearing these. I can be in it round the clock, especially while traveling. Recently I have been crushing over Decathlon Activewear. They are super casual, trendy, youthful affordable and active.

Soothe your body with Activewear.
Breathe and Let Breathe.





P.S. My affinity is a little too much for black color. 😀

What I am wearing: All Decathlon

Share your activewear images with me and the world!! Experiment with colors and stay trendy!!

Coming up soon is B. 🙂

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