C = Comfy Toes

But, Comfort First!! – My feet everytime I look at my heels 🤔

Hello all of you!! How are you? I am good!!😋

While you are ready with a pen and notebook to jot down the new definition of C, let me tell you, No one likes it with their toes hurting. We all want to be comfortable with what we wear so that we can run errands without worrying.

With white sneakers and shoes ruling the runway for a long time now, it has become a fashion favorites for all of us.

Add a sporty look to your outfit and stay comfortable, edgy and trendy in your shoes.

White shoes look super stylish and can be worn with literally anything. So get dressed up as you go about your routine and look effortless.

Jump, flex, walk or simply do nothing. Trust me, your feets are gonna love you for this.

Isn’t that so much win? 😍


Coming up next is D 😎

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