E= Eye Loaded!!

Brow Bone, Crease, Lid, Highlight, Outer V, Tear duct, Lower Lash Line, Water Line, Contour ..Duh. If you got this then Hello Beautiful Eyes.. 😀

Our eyes speak, they talk, express, laugh, make us see and shine bright and maybe this is why all of us put so many inputs to decorate them :p But hey it’s not as easy as it looks.

So do you know what all makeup and how much effort goes into these cute little sunshine eyes? We binge watch makeup tutorials, read magazines, try every look hundred times before the ‘D-Day,’ just to look ‘purh-fect.’ It’s not easy to match up to those winged liners, full brows, luscious lashes and blended eyeshadow.

The very first line of this article talks about some small sections of our eyes where we put in our makeup step by step. I am no makeup artist, but I do have a little bit knowledge here and there, so I pull off my everyday eye makeup with ease.

Bold, Sultry, Colorful, Glossy, Frosty, Classic, Smokey are some of the eye makeup looks to name a few. I have tried to cover the frosty and classic eye makeup look, and maybe I have failed miserably, so please bear with me.


**Three Claps For Me**

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