F=Flower Me!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, so what’s the latest trend to wear in this chilly season?

To Flaunt and Flair is the awesome blossom.

I am talking about the flower embroidery (aka floral trend), which in general depicts spring and autumn, but is the most in demand trend this year. No wonder this trend made it to the fashion issue.

When I say adopt a trend, at least one of them, I mean this. Flowers are expected to put us in a good mood; you just need to style it the right way and boom!! You’re ready to go.

While 70’s are back in trend, let’s all of us update our closet too. The best part of this trend is, even Men can flaunt it with ease (Ah, I suggest you check Ranveer Singh’s Outfit Diaries).

For this post, I have decided to go for a complete flower baby look. I miss the presence of a floral jacket here, but you don’t. From top to toe, a floral dress and a shoe (that takes the whole outfit to the next level), with a crown bun on the side, which gives me a vibe of a cute kid, I am ready to turn heads.

Are You??



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See You Soon Guys, Keep Loving Me!!



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