H = Heel Yourself and I = Iwear

If you ask me to list out two things from my closet that gives all of us the oomph factor  ❤ with immediate effects, I would say heels and shades. They are Love!!

Spill some sass in your everyday style, and get your hands on some beautiful shoes and shades.

Heels are a beauty. We do not realise how much a 3-5 inch heel can add up to the whole look. Uncomfortable, Swollen Feet, Back Problems, we know it all, but still, none of us is ready to give up this ‘Sole-Mate.’ They are classy and sexy, and not all’em hurt so bad. With so many types of heels around us, block heels and wedges are undoubtedly the most comfortable one, but my heart beats for ‘Heelest Heels’ (I don’t know if that’s even a word :p)








“Your Future is so Bright; You Have to wear Shades!!”

Yes, Ladies!! Don’t let this winter dim your sparkle!! One reason you have to have eyewear is to cover up your hungover eyes; well, protection is there, but that comes later!! Up your style game every day by styling some stellar sunnies on your face ❤


See you all soon!!


One thought on “H = Heel Yourself and I = Iwear

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