P = P O W E R D R E S S I N G

Hello, all of you!! If you have been reading all of my fashion glossary blogs, then I know that you know that P is nowhere near to J ( my last article was on J = Jackets on the go!!)

I thought let’s not make it monotonous, and start covering the rest of them in jumbled order, as I like and as you suggest.

So here it is, my first take on ‘P = Power Dressing’.

Here’s my take on P O W E R D R E S S I N G.

Power Dressing is a way of styling your ensemble for a professional environment. For years this style was a man dominated fashion, but no more.

When women were creating their space in the corporate world, so did their outfit and wardrobe. This outfit was designed to fit in, to feel empowered and look powerful.

Today if we see the stats, women have taken over quite a percentage of the corporate section, and this fashion statement has always worked as a cherry on the top.

So make your workwear your armour – this also gives you a reason to indulge in some shopping. Wear it and experience a sense of liberation.


Stay tuned for more love to come your way!! 😍😍
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