Velvet Slip = V

This year all of us witnessed a massive influx of new fashion trends every now and then. It becomes tough for us to figure out on what should be a part of our closet and what not.

With this year coming to end, all of us have a long list of parties to attend. This means one casual outfit and one party outfit, all stuffed inside your handbag.

Velvet being the trendiest of the trendy, will be the best option for you to turn heads.

Many of us consider velvet a party fabric, the silky shiny one, made especially for the night but if styled properly, you can rock it in the day too.

So this season velvet it the cool girl way πŸ’Ÿ

Here are some of the tips how you can style velvet the right way. I have created a small list of products for you guys to have an idea, on how to style-

1. Your high waist jeans, with a shirt and velvet boots, or a velvet jacket (they look oh my stunner!!)

2. Tank top paired up with velvet skirt.

3. Velvet Pants, Casual shoes, Basic T-shirt.

4. Velvet Dress with High Heels

5. A Velvet Scarf or a Handbag -Accessorise the Right Way

6. Velvet Top with Jeggings or Leather Pants 😍

7. Velvet Jumpsuit to add that velvety effect

Here is what and how I have styled this velvet jumpsuit with a shirt and shoe for the day look and for the night, you know it honey😘

So that’s it for today, I will see you soon with new fashion trends and a brand new English letter vocabulary.

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Love Love!!



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