Olaa Guys!! Christmas is in the neighbourhood and we are all prepping up for it. In the midst of these holidays and party preparations, I think it is time you wake that creative kid of you.
Receiving a handmade gift from someone is Novelty these days. Homemade things have something extraordinary about them. So while you can quickly go over to some, add something to your cart, and proceed towards payment, how about indulging in some fun activity and create something yourself?? Sounds fun right?? It is!!

So Yesterday, which was Sunday, I took out some time from my daily routine and made this so pretty and beautiful two-fold card for my friends, colleagues and families in hardly one hour.

Here is how you can make one too:

1. Get up, and go to Market.
2. Enter a Super Market, or a Stationary Shop, or Craft Shop.
3. Get hold of a good quality chart papers or A3/A2 size paper.
4. Choose any color that you are ready to play with. I chose yellow, pink and white!!
5. Don’t forget to buy any of these if you do not have them at home:
– sketch pens,
– color pencils,
– marker,
– scissors,
– sparkle sheets & pen
– fevistick / glue
– nutella (you will need it for your stomach to come up with some ideas) (this is optional)
6. Now sit down, and start cutting the paper of your preferred shape & size, mine is a rectangle.
7. I made two rectangles, white and yellow, white rectangle slightly larger in length horizontally.
8. Now cut merry Xmas or Christmas as per your choice from the chart paper of your fav font style. I chose white for this.
9. Decorate the card as much and more you want, and be as creative as you can be. Fill in the first page; it is your canvas.
10. For the inside layer, I put small stripes in two different colors, in a triangle shape, made a little tree and hat for the Christmassy feel.
11. Voila, my card is ready and so is yours!!
12. You can stitch or stick the two layers.
13. Flaunt this card in front of everyone and bring smile and happiness to faces.


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