18 Things To Do In 2018 <3

18 Things To Do In 2018

Hello All of You!! We are in the last week of the year. It’s time we promise to our self a lot of things. But I have curated a list of 18 things or maybe just habit changes, which you can teach yourself. These changes are so basic that one must do it. No matter it’s what time and date. Some of you might be doing these points already, but here is my take on this:

1. “Learn to Say No” – Say no to things that you don’t want to do or that doesn’t make you happy. Make your opinion and yourself count.


2. Start Doing Some Creative Work – Something that compels your mind to think out of the box.

3. Get more involved in Reading – It can be news, magazines or novels – Reading gives you a perspective to see things and understand situations in a whole new way.

4. Take Holidays – For Yourself – No matter what – You know you can take it if you want it – Live with yourself – Get some alone time to see what and where you are and what do you want in Life.

5. Use Recreational Applications that help you relax and give you enjoyment at the same time. Especially if you don’t workout or walk or do yoga. Such applications will help your mind relax.

6. Learn a new language – It’s always fun – It’s knowledge – that you will never regret on why you gained it. Also, you can brag one-two phrases in front of people to sweep them off their feet.

7. Fall in love – with yourself. All of us have seen our friends and ourselves– We are so excited, happy, get dressed and do things when in love. How about falling in love with yourself? Well that is tough, but it’s worth a try!! If you can be so happy by loving others, just imagine, what will happen if you love yourself and always remember, there is a very thin line in between loving yourself and being selfish.


8. Get Lost in Nature!! There is a kind of “Sukoon” you will find in nature. I am not asking you to go in a Jungle (if you do that, it’s excellent). Try this at home. Sometimes, especially during early morning hours or in noontime, I just lie down on my balcony or terrace and stay quiet, I can hear nature, I hear birds chirruping, prayer voices coming from somewhere far, air and clouds moving. There is some connection right there. And that’s amazing. If you have experienced that you know what I am talking about and if not, you better try it out sometime soon.

9. Stop Waiting. If you wait for things to be done at some time, then now is the time. It’s never too early or too late. You just need to be sure. Do what you want.

10. Start working for the ones who actually need your help. Some people do not get any new year or holiday perks, but we can be their Santa. Our contribution can be a small or a big one, but we should and we must lift them up.

11. Respect your friends. Friends are the best things that can happen to anyone, and that is what not all of you get. So if you have some real ‘FRIENDS’, get them some cake please.

12. Organize Home Parties – Yes, they are great! Also, you get to learn some event skills too. I know it involves a lot of cleaning and organizing, but try handling things all by yourself, from foods to drinks to games. 😛 You will love it!

13. Change things that you use. It can be your shampoo, shower gel, creams, perfume, or any small thing that you use on a daily basis. When you keep changing your stuff like this, it will feel new-new every day. Our mind is a player, if it sees something different from usual, it gets excited (this is why we feel good in a hotel room and love it when traveling.) So while you can’t do all leisure activities every day, but these small changes are a sure fire way to feel good.

14. Try New Cuisines. Foods that you never thought of trying. You might be committed to your daal makhani and butter naan’, but there is nothing wrong with treating your stomach with something else once a while.

15. Try Colors. In your rooms, wardrobe. Go for colors that you dunno what to do with. Every color is meant for everyone, color never set barrier for us, so you don’t do it too. Go Neon!!

16. Explore at least three places in a year. I know many people go every month or week, but a larger population don’t go anywhere. Promise yourself at least three trips in the coming year.

17. Do something crazy. Something that you thought you will never do. Step out of your comfort zone. And do it. It can be crashing a wedding, jumping off a cliff, making out with a stranger, be too good to people u hate and so much more. Just think of things you know u will not do and DO IT. Chakde!

18. Gift Once a while, to your loved ones, parents, friends families, partners. Because we all care but we forget to show.


“Je vous aime tous!!”

à bientôt”

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