Road Trip to Munnar


Hey you guys!! Happy New Year!! I hope you all are doing good. I am good too. Today I am here with all of you to share my first travel blog. I have promised myself to make 2018 a travel year. And that’s how I kick-started my New Year 2018.

I wish I could have vlogged this, but I didn’t take my camera with me. Also, I had no plans to write about this place, but then I thought that I should.

So it was on the Christmas Eve that a plan was made to celebrate New Year on a Road Trip from Bengaluru, Karnataka to Munnar, Kerala – Also known as God’s Own Place. I would agree with this title 100 percent. The place was so good. It was calm, serene and neat. Clear Skies, Blue Water, Green Mountains, Curvy Roads and Perfect Sunsets, It was all there. It felt like I was with mother nature. You might think that I am boasting but trust me I am not. (Scroll Down to see images – they are amazing)

Today all of us live in big cities – or I must say busy towns. Surrounded by pollution, smog, dust and noise, we are all churning out our mind with this. I realised how important it is to keep taking a small break every once a while.

Getting back to the point, I am here to give all you wandering souls a brief idea of all the How’s and What’s that you get before heading for a trip. So let’s get started!!

1. How to reach Munnar and everything in between?

Well, there are a lot of ways to reach Munnar. You can take a flight (to Cochin) and then travel to Munnar which is 110kms, take a train to Cochin which is 88kms away, take a bus (preferred KSRTC buses), by bicycle(for adventurers) or the best and my preferred is get a cab, rent a car, or get your own vehicle.

My journey started from Bengaluru (Karnataka) which is 476kms approximately from Munnar. I was traveling with a group of friends. We were five people, and we rented a car from Driverz.

It was a road trip to Munnar, with beautiful landscapes and sceneries on our way. We followed the Google Maps for navigating through the roads.

We left at around 23:20 hours from my place and reached precisely at 11:20 hours to our Homestay in Munnar.

Why I prefer self-driving or a road trip is because the roads are too good. Also, you can stop wherever you want, do some stretching, sit on the roadside to see what nature has gotten for us and play your songs loud (most important for me. LOL)

We stopped our car at multiple places, sat down, had tea and food. We even danced on the roadside.

As you reach near to Munnar – The Tea City – Roads start getting narrow, full of sharp turns and speeding vehicles.

– Be ready to pay almost 7-8 toll taxes
– Vehicle and Bag checking at police check posts
– Car Permit (if you are renting a car)and other relevant papers

2. Where to stay in Munnar?

Homestays. You can stay in hotels, but if you want to explore the place and people and connect with them, homestays are the best options. This way you get to stay with the locales, amongst them and you will realise, we are all the same with different dialects.

Our homestay – Sana Cottage (M.G. Road, Munnar) – which looked dull from the outside, but the moment we entered inside, it was OH WOW!! It was so pretty, with textured and colourful walls, comfortable seating arrangements, balcony with a view of lush tea garden greenery. A 3BHK serviced apartment, all with separate washroom. The rooms were cosy and warm.

Water was freezing. It was cold as ice, but we had a supply of warm water. Lightning was too good. The best part of this homestay– it was right in the city, between the people and near to the local market.

We got (actually we bargained) this apartment in just 5000 INR for a day.

3. Weather?

It was moderate during the day. It’s a hill station, surrounded by trees and hills, so expect colder nights. I suggest you carry your one or two winter wear along to keep yourself warm. During the day hours, one can wear summer clothes and stroll around.

4. What to eat and drink?

Go for Keralite Cusine; it’s the safest and best. We had Fish Curry (Just for INR 60) and Rice for lunch. For breakfast, we had Plain Dosa, Idli and Vada.

Try the Different type of fishes and biryani available over there.

Coming to drinks – Do not carry them from your home. You will be charged, and the drinks will be taken from you on the check posts.

There is a Government Authorised Shop for Alcohols – Where there is a long queue every day 😀 (It’s closed on Mondays) You can buy the drinks from there.

I had a unique Gol Gappa over there in the market. It looked like some chaat, but that’s how they serve you over there.


5. Where to go?

You can go to national parks, wildlife sanctuary, waterfalls, a rose garden and tea estates. You will see a lot of points to kick-start your trekking adventure – if that’s what you want.

There is a point called Top Station – which looks heavenly. You will walk in the midst of clouds.

Another one is Echo Point – It was my first of a kind experience, where I can hear my voices coming back to me.

Local Market – If you want to get your hands on some handmade handicrafts and see how the city rolls. Go ahead! They have a lot of handicrafts shops and stalls. I bought a silk saree for myself.

Walk on the Roads – This is my personal experience. I love walking down the streets and have a look at people and their lifestyles, their houses and foods.

Munnar At a Glance:

– It’s a small hill station with pleasant weather.
– A calm and quiet place to relax.
– You can spot best sunsets and sunrise here.
– A place suitable for all age groups.
– Surrounded by Greenery.
– Do fun activities like trekking, fishing, rope climbing and more.
– Must Try – Fish Curry, Varieties of Tea and Coffees.
– Scenic Roads and A Beautiful Ride
– October to January is the best time to visit

My Gallery:



Problems We Faced:

Now no trip goes as swift as it sounds. Everyone experiences their share of issues and glitches. We had too. So let’s have a look at that –

1. The car was not great. Yes, it was malfunctioned. It had few issues, but it was New Years, and you cannot expect spare vehicles available at the last moment. So we had to manage with it, and we did that like a pro.

For a window which was not ready to stay closed – we wrapped it with brown tape all over. The doors won’t open. There was some issue with the clutch too, but we pulled them all off with patience and good songs.

2. Language. It’s tough to make a conversation happen. People there hardly understand Hindi or English. Knowing one native language will act as a plus point, but you can also enact your needs like we did. So brush your acting skills before you head to Munnar.

3. The ride to the top is tedious, but the view is worth it.

4. The homestay guys didn’t provide soap, drinking water and other necessary things.

5. Parking is tough. With narrow roads and too many visitors, you might struggle with parking.

6. No air stations nearby the city.

7. You might meet some not so courteous people also.

8. Google Map is not right always; sometimes you must apply your instincts.

9. Mobile Network Issues

And that’s me – Nature Child 🙂


That’s all I guess.

All in all, I would rate Munnar a good place. It’s pure mother nature – preserved with care. Best part – this trip was a budget trip – 5000 INR per head.

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Images: ShotOnOnePlus5 by Me

Love all!!

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See You Soon!!


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