Lucknow, Chikankari Embroidery and Me!!

Recently I was in Lucknow – ‘The Nawabon Ka Seher’. There are so many things Lucknow is famous for, but one thing that captivates me the most is the ‘Chikankari Work’.

As I was there for a three-day work trip, I couldn’t get much time to explore the local food joints and markets. Somehow I managed to take out two hours window for shopping and exploring Lucknow.

I rushed to my car and asked driver bhaiya to take me to some nearby marketplace where I could get my hands on some clothing items. He took me to ‘Janpath Bazaar. ‘ After strolling around the market for an hour, I entered a shop where I found what I was looking for. 😍

I was so broke that day, and I knew I am not going to visit this place anytime soon, so I called up my friend and asked her to credit 5-7k in my bank account ASAP. (Thank God for IMPS)

A shop is a place full of opportunities. A place where you can get your hands over all the good stuff. While I was floored with the collection, shop waley bhaiya was not ready to pause. He was showing me different varieties of clothes one after the other.

Finally, after a lot of video calling to my friends and family, bargaining with the shopkeeper and drinking three cups of coffee, I was on a decision of what to buy.

I bought two breathtakingly beautiful dupattas, two kurtas and one saree. One cloth each for mommy, daddy, my two sisters and myself.

The whole shopping thing cost me 6800 (I don’t know if that was a great deal or not but that’s the amount.)

While I shipped the two kurtas and saree to mom immediately, I shot with the dupattas for this blog.

Let’s stop talking and have a look at the images. Also scroll down below to know the shop name and other details.

Chikankari Dupatta – 3mtr each – INR 1000 – Shop Name – Chikankari Chikan, B-42, Janpath Market, Lucknow

Neckpiece – INR 100 – Bought from Lajpat Market Delhi

Thank You Guys!! Keep Loving and Like, Share and Comment Your Views.

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See you soon!!


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