How easy is it to torture someone? How easy is it to blackmail someone? How easy is it to make a person’s life hell? How easy is it to take advantage of someone’s situation? To harass someone? To hit someone? To leak someone’s personal information?


Every day we come across various cases of violence – mental or physical. The victim of such circumstances can be a girl, boy, man or a woman.

Recently, I met someone who was a constant bully of home violence. She was beaten up on a regular basis. She is not allowed to step outside without permission. He’s an Insecure Pig.

Another one got choked by a man for taking a stand for herself and her life. He’s on a heartbreak cycle.

One more is getting harassed by a man. This man keeps uploading her private images to the great world wide web. And he thinks he is brilliant. He’s on a revenge cycle.

One girl was forced into prostitution. He was on some other trip.

Let me clear, here by chance all the victims are women, but I have seen men victims too.

Also, this letter does not intend to hurt anyone’s feeling, emotions, culture, cast, creed, nor does it offend any particular gender.

While I came across all of the above cases, the victims had one thing in common – they were being weak. They cried when they were saying what happened/ is happening to them.

I am not saying crying is bad. Please go ahead and vent it all out. But do not self-pity, do not think that you are weak, do not feel that no one will understand, do not believe that you cannot take a step, do not think that there is no door to get out of this.

My dear victim,

I pity your situation. I feel bad. I want to take you out of that position. But I and my actions will help you out only if, you take your stand. I know it takes a lot of guts to face the family, friends and the world and to love oneself. But if there is anyone who can help you at an initial stage is YOU.

So cutting it short, please take stand for yourself, rest will follow. Sitting and crying over your miserable life won’t help anyone. Rather it will give the satan – more courage to continuing doing such stuff.

My Dear Wrongdoer/Sinner,

Yes, you got me right if you are reading this. If you beat someone up, or harass anyone or continuously do something that’s against the law. It’s wrong and unlawful. You are satan. You might be an insecure pig, or a person out on revenge, or heartbroken, or any x y z.. nothing ever gives you right to intrude and invade and mentally or physically harass someone. You do such things and then try to justify your actions. Trust me it’s of no use.

This is an open letter to all of you out there. Please take stand for yourself. It’s high time you, me and everyone else to stand for someone who needs it and for yourself. Wheather you know or do not know a person it doesn’t matter, helping someone out in a time of misery won’t make you feel bad. Stop thinking about how to save your ass, instead let’s all get together and take action against such pigs.

Here I am not asking you to please like or share this post. I request you all to spread this word. To not let anyone be a victim of violence and harassment. Some people need a push to gather courage. Be that push!

Motivation Behind This Letter: The one with the revenge feels. A jerk who has been continuously creating a fake Instagram profile under someone’s name and misusing/mishandling the account. And we are taking a stand against this one. WILL YOU?