A letter to my mother!

Dear Mummy,

I don’t remember the last time you didn’t panic when I told you I am not feeling well. If you were not around me, I couldn’t have completed my school ever. Your “Uthhh jaaaaa….School Nahi Jana??” (“Get Up, Don’t you have school to attend?), is still registered in my mind. The daily drill that started with switching off the fan and ended at “Beta, Tiffin kha lena..” (“Dear, eat the food for sure”) I know we fight a lot, we have our disagreements, but where did I learn all this? Who was my teacher? You are the strongest my mom; you always taught me to take my stand, do what is correct, and never be off guard. You taught me how to speak, walk, eat and all the essential etiquettes. You have no idea how much I love ditching the chopsticks and eating noodles with the fork when I am with you.
When I bruised my knees while playing, you got my first aid done, gave me medicines and injections and a few days later, beat me up over the same. Reason: I should have been careful. Why so innocent Ma? You have in the past, cooked all my favourite foods, and taught me to do the same. Today, I proudly cook your recipes and my friends go wow on tasting them!!

From the first day to my school till today, It’s tough for me to leave you every time. I don’t tell you often, but I miss you too much. Anyone cannot fill your absence. Mum, it’s always fun to sit with you and talk nonsense, while you give that heavenly champi to me. I love it when you gossip about the other aunties. Our hourly phone calls, discussing your fav characters from serials, is unbeatable. I love it when you call me to ask your Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram issues. I love it how you go cray-cray for burgers, pizzas, french fries and all that junk.

Our fights have many times started over a pizza slice, have continued to me asking you to change your thinking and ended at you throwing one of the household stuff on my face. Gosh, I love God for giving me, you!

Mummy, you are the best, you are the chef, the babysitter, family caretaker, finance manager, counsellor, teacher, advisor. You are cute, tough, lovable, naïve yet experienced. You are the Champion, the Pillar. You have kept us all together. Today, what we are, who we are, we owe it to you, I owe it to you.

Every day can be a mother’s day, but this day is just a little extra special.

In no words, I can define my infinite love and respect for you.

Love You!


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