About Me

Who am I –  Hey there!! I am Sonali.

What do I do – I am a Math post Graduate, working as a Social Media Executive and a Crazy Woman doing every other stuff around.

Why I am here – I am here to help, inspire and make you all go crazy just like me. I will be entertaining you all with a lot of posts and videos coming up every week from now on related to fashion, beauty, travelling, lifestyle and explore. Apart from these this blog will also talk about getting past with the social issues and transform you into a whole new self. I will work my best to bring out the new you in yourself.

Who should look up to this site – Everyone!! Yeah, you read it right this blog is for all gender and for every age. Because this page will not be talking about just one stuff, as I mentioned it’s going to be a journey of change, maybe small may be big, but change is change.

What is my motive – My motto is to help you peeps to discover the untouched side of your personality and let you all experience a new gut, a new you!!

Lastly, I want to let you all know that to do all this and help you to see the new change in you, I need you all to support, give and share your love for me. Love Ya All!!!