Indigo Tales

“Indigo Tales” shows how the colours of the sky, the lake, and the soul are all amalgamated into a single colour. A passe-partout colour, capable of overcoming and encompassing any other shade.

Blue is the world’s most popular colour, has always had something to offer everyone with its full spectrum of shades. But indigo is not a generic blue: it brings with it the radicality of white and black, plunging a deeper blue.

Colour brings movement and fashion cannot be static. Hence, the obvious union of fashion and indigo had to happen. The colours blue and indigo work very well in fashion, be it dresses, kurtas, tops in formal or casual wear, Footwear or Handbags. Indigo is everywhere.

To me, the colour reflects great impartiality, freedom, wisdom and vogue. Here’s my take on Indigo.


Take Care! Love Love!


What I Wore – Convocation 2018

Hey, there all you lovelies!! Welcome to my page. This blog is about a day in my life, and it’s a short one. But before I start, thank you all of you for showering me with appreciations and love for my last blog – Road Trip To Munnar.

Last weekend I was in Jaipur – The ‘Gulabi’ City. Why was I there – For My Convocation. It was a fun-filled, less sleep three day trip to Jaipur with friends who are family. It’s not a travel blog because I went there just to chill. (more…)

G = Glow In Red!!

We Call it the colour of love, passion, devil – the blood and power. Marriages in India is considered incomplete without this shade, a colour that has won millions of hearts, and right there if you like my post on Instagram, it appears (Just Double Tap :p). And Guess which colour has been making head turns on the runway? A tone that increases our metabolism and heart rate.

Red, It is.

From New York Fashion Week to AIFW 2017, from valentines to a brides’ wardrobe, the glowing red colour has been creating a constant buzz in the fashion market and our lives since eternity.

  • Days when you don’t want to put any makeup, just dash a pop of red lipstick, and you don’t have to do anything else.
  • Want to stand out in the crowd? Go RedHead!!
  • Feel like creating a rush in someone’s heart, wear red!!
  • Amp up your basic tee – accessorise with red!!

Not just fashion, this colour is creating rage in technology field too, for example, red iPhone and my laptop is red too (it’s HP)

So I hope that you’re convinced by now? You better be. 

So flaunt your red with me, and like, share and comment below your thoughts!!

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Don’t go away, lots more to come :p Till Then Bye-Bye 🙂



D = Desi Tadka

Hello and Welcome Back to my Blog. 🙂

I am back after a short break with yet another definition. Today’s topic is my favourite. Because it is ‘D = Desi Tadka.’ I have a strange obsession with anything Indian or ‘Desi’( I Prefer the Term Desi Anyday). Be it a Saree, Kurta, Lehnga, Jooti, Jhumka, the list goes on, there’s no chance I can get enough of any of them. In fact, I would love to create a whole new series just on Indian Wear.



Festivals…. A period of Celebration. 🙂 🙂

The holy month of Ramadan ends with the celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr, meaning ‘The breaking of Fast.’ It’s a celebration of showing gratitude to God for everything we have, food, family, self-control and health. On the first sight of the crescent moon, fete begins.  A celebration calls for gathering and feasts, a way to spend an occasion with friends and families and to celebrate life. (more…)