Dear Woman – Never Stop

Happy Women’s Day All You Ladies out there! This women’s day I am here to share a message with all of you. The message is to NEVER STOP.

  • Never Stop moving forward.
  • Never Stop because someone else wants you to.
  • Never Stop loving yourself.
  • Never Stop they think you can’t.
  • Never Stop taking your own stand.
  • Never Stop embracing yourself for who you are.
  • Never Stop being the best version of you.
  • Never Stop because you don’t see a solution.

Always Stay Healthy and Fit, Eat Fine and Laugh like there is no Tomorrow.

Do what makes you feel YOU, Just Breathe.

A while ago I created four posts thread on my Instagram wall called #NeverStop Series.

  1. Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle. (1/5)


2. Love Your Body and Teach Your Mind to Respect it. Stay Comfortable in Your Own Skin. (2/5)


3. I am who I am. Not who you think I am. Not who you want me to be. I am me. (3/5)


4. “I am under no obligation to make sense to you. Always stay fierce!” (4/5)


5. To the divine mischievous spark in you.. (5/5)


Happy Women’s Day!! Cheers to all the beautiful ladies!! Love Love!

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What I Wore – Convocation 2018

Hey, there all you lovelies!! Welcome to my page. This blog is about a day in my life, and it’s a short one. But before I start, thank you all of you for showering me with appreciations and love for my last blog – Road Trip To Munnar.

Last weekend I was in Jaipur – The ‘Gulabi’ City. Why was I there – For My Convocation. It was a fun-filled, less sleep three day trip to Jaipur with friends who are family. It’s not a travel blog because I went there just to chill. (more…)

G = Glow In Red!!

We Call it the colour of love, passion, devil – the blood and power. Marriages in India is considered incomplete without this shade, a colour that has won millions of hearts, and right there if you like my post on Instagram, it appears (Just Double Tap :p). And Guess which colour has been making head turns on the runway? A tone that increases our metabolism and heart rate.

Red, It is.

From New York Fashion Week to AIFW 2017, from valentines to a brides’ wardrobe, the glowing red colour has been creating a constant buzz in the fashion market and our lives since eternity.

  • Days when you don’t want to put any makeup, just dash a pop of red lipstick, and you don’t have to do anything else.
  • Want to stand out in the crowd? Go RedHead!!
  • Feel like creating a rush in someone’s heart, wear red!!
  • Amp up your basic tee – accessorise with red!!

Not just fashion, this colour is creating rage in technology field too, for example, red iPhone and my laptop is red too (it’s HP)

So I hope that you’re convinced by now? You better be. 

So flaunt your red with me, and like, share and comment below your thoughts!!

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Don’t go away, lots more to come :p Till Then Bye-Bye 🙂



E= Eye Loaded!!

Brow Bone, Crease, Lid, Highlight, Outer V, Tear duct, Lower Lash Line, Water Line, Contour ..Duh. If you got this then Hello Beautiful Eyes.. 😀

Our eyes speak, they talk, express, laugh, make us see and shine bright and maybe this is why all of us put so many inputs to decorate them :p But hey it’s not as easy as it looks.