Best Gifts For Him (Part 2)

Hey Guys, hello and welcome back to the part 2 of Best Gifts For Him and Her. If you are here for the first time, then my name is Sonali and this blog is a series.  Have a look at this blog too: Best Tech Gifts For Her!!

Also, I know I was away for quite a long time, I had reasons, but no more!

Getting back to the blog, Men needs ALOT of pampering! Be it our friends, partner, daddy, brother or any other guy, they love us and so do we! It’s time now we gift them something they would drool over *_*

Many men around us are tech-savvy guys but it’s time they get gifts with a twist. So let’s get started with the list:

  • The Gamer Guy: Gift him his favorite gaming and entertainment accessory. He would go GaGa. Buy Sony PS4 Pro in the color white here!


  • The Dog Lover: If he is the one who loves his dog more than anyone else, then you gotta make sure to keep pampering the dog too. Get your hands on this comfortable dog sofa here!


  • The Fitness Freak: If he is the one who hits the gym every day religiously, then this super road bike is something that will make him go weak on his knees. Buy it here!


  • The Fashion Fanatic: If he spends more than 30 minutes in front of the mirror for setting his hair and Creach lines, then this perfect dapper suit is the one gift, you should definitely add to your cart and buy for him. Get it here!


  • The Mountain Monk: If mountains are his second home and all he does is camping and trekking, then how loved would he feel, if you gift him this camouflage trekking backpack.


  • The Book Worm: This is so amazing. A man who reads is a man who understands women better. Gift him a set of novels, in which he can dwell in for months. My choices are Lord Of the Rings Set and Game Of Thrones Set.


Apart from the above list, there are so many other options. If he loves watching cricket, then IPL semi-finals & finals are around the corner, Theatre Plays, Music Rock Concerts, Stand-Up Comedy Shows and So much more is happening in your city. Head to BookMyShow now and get the tickets for you two, your family and friends. Surprise him the way you want.

That’s all for this one, see you all very soon! Until then Take Care!

Love Love ❤