Breakfast for 7 Days – What I have

Hello and GoodMorning to all of you!! If you are a kind of person who cannot eat the same food everyday then high five because that’s me.

Every Morning I wake up with a constant thought – What will I eat Today. What shall I cook today.

If you are wondering how much time it takes me to prepare this meal? Well, it depends on how much time I have on that particular day. There are days I have plentyp of time and days when I am on a time crunch.

So let’s get you going through my 7 days Breakfast Menu without much talking –

1. Days When You Don’t Want to Cook – Have outside πŸ˜ƒ –

2. Bread Omelette/Poached Eggs To the Rescue –

3. Days you want to eat tasty food and within two minutes 😍

4. Days you want to eat healthy –

5. Days when you have a lot of time 😍 Cook Yummy Food πŸ˜‹

6. Days you want to take in some oil –

7. Days you want to have simple food-

So that’s it for this one! I hope you have these too. Comment down below and let me know what do you prefer??

See you soon!!

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What I Wore – Convocation 2018

Hey, there all you lovelies!! Welcome to my page. This blog is about a day in my life, and it’s a short one. But before I start, thank you all of you for showering me with appreciations and love for my last blog – Road Trip To Munnar.

Last weekend I was in Jaipur – The β€˜Gulabi’ City. Why was I there – For My Convocation. It was a fun-filled, less sleep three day trip to Jaipur with friends who are family. It’s not a travel blog because I went there just to chill. (more…)

P = P O W E R D R E S S I N G

Hello, all of you!! If you have been reading all of my fashion glossary blogs, then I know that you know that P is nowhere near to J ( my last article was on J = Jackets on the go!!)

I thought let’s not make it monotonous, and start covering the rest of them in jumbled order, as I like and as you suggest.

So here it is, my first take on ‘P = Power Dressing’.

Here’s my take on P O W E R D R E S S I N G.

Power Dressing is a way of styling your ensemble for a professional environment. For years this style was a man dominated fashion, but no more.

When women were creating their space in the corporate world, so did their outfit and wardrobe. This outfit was designed to fit in, to feel empowered and look powerful.

Today if we see the stats, women have taken over quite a percentage of the corporate section, and this fashion statement has always worked as a cherry on the top.

So make your workwear your armour – this also gives you a reason to indulge in some shopping. Wear it and experience a sense of liberation.


Stay tuned for more love to come your way!! 😍😍
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J = Jackets on the Go!!

Jackets – A staple from your Wardrobe that you can wear 365 days in a year (That’s one year!!) 

Own 10 JACKETS or just 1, they go with most of your outfits 😍 Most Reliable and Trendy part of our wardrobe!! Woo your viewers, mates and everyone throughout the year with different shades of jackets 😍

Layer Your jacket over a bralette, tank top, t-shirt, or go jacket over a jacket over one more jacket, they never go wrong. As I am writing this, so many different types of jacket names are coming in my mind. So let’s get started without further ado (or before I get confused) –

1. The Leather Jacket –

One fashion statement that has remained with us right from 70’s to 90’s to today is this. Any Day and Every Day 😍 There are different colours available in the market, but the black leather jacket, it has something extraordinary about it.


2. The Suede –

No matter what are you wearing, just suede it!! And my fav is brown. Any shade of brown goes more than perfect with your outfit (Any Outfit)

3. The Belted Trench-

Enhance your outfit with a belted coat, effortless and chic style!! This hip-length beauty looks best with shorts and boots 😍 While you scroll down below you will not find any.

4. The Biker Jacket-

Knitted Biker Jackets are a sure shot to keep yourself trendy this season and to come. Style it with a pair of jeans and t-shirt with casual shoes. Comfortable and snug fit is the word.

Keep reading for more 😍

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