Breakfast for 7 Days – What I have

Hello and GoodMorning to all of you!! If you are a kind of person who cannot eat the same food everyday then high five because that’s me.

Every Morning I wake up with a constant thought – What will I eat Today. What shall I cook today.

If you are wondering how much time it takes me to prepare this meal? Well, it depends on how much time I have on that particular day. There are days I have plentyp of time and days when I am on a time crunch.

So let’s get you going through my 7 days Breakfast Menu without much talking –

1. Days When You Don’t Want to Cook – Have outside 😃 –

2. Bread Omelette/Poached Eggs To the Rescue –

3. Days you want to eat tasty food and within two minutes 😍

4. Days you want to eat healthy –

5. Days when you have a lot of time 😍 Cook Yummy Food 😋

6. Days you want to take in some oil –

7. Days you want to have simple food-

So that’s it for this one! I hope you have these too. Comment down below and let me know what do you prefer??

See you soon!!

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